Jenna Star

Many of you have already seen this but here is a video and original song written for Jenna.

Music and Lyrics – performed and written by: Keith Klassen
Artwork and Design by: Yaz Wallace and Heidijane Wallace
Video produced by: Keith Klassen

when i'm walkin in the park in May
i'll stop and scratch your name in the earth and clay,
i'll use my finger and write big JENNA RAE
and my dirty fingernail will make me smile all day,
then i'll stand and hug the nearest tree
happy that what you touched…touched me

and when i listen in that Jenna-way
i'll smile at birds a-singin and laughing kids at play,
i'll meet a dog waiting outside a coffee shop
i'll say 'who's a good boy, it's you, you're a good pup!'
then i'll scratch his soft forehead sweet spot
and say these pets are from me and a gal i love a lot

and when the night's a big dance floor
but my tired ass don't wanna dance no more,
a giggling in my ear won't let me quit
your voice will tell me 'keep on movin it!'
i'll reach my hands up t'wards the twinkling stars
and we'll dance together from afar

twinkle, twinkle Jenna star
i'm always with you where you are,
up above the world so high
on that dance floor in the sky
twinkle, twinkle Jenna star
we're all dancing with you where you are

If you can, listen to the song “when we dance lyrics by sting.”

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