To our wonderful donors

This site and the event this past Saturday couldn't have happened without a huge team of people offering us donations and items for the auction and raffle.

Here is the long list of our donors of items and time.

Our website genius, Liam De Souza ( for setting up and maintaining this website with our constant badgering 😉 (if anyone requires website help, contact Liam)

Andrew McDonnell (Facebook Group), Aaron Mossey, Danny Flohback (Website), Mike Schryer and Carlos Moco (Mobius) for donating their equipment (Danny) and time to DJ at the event

Yasmine Wallace for the artwork that has become the image and face of Dance With Jenna

Keith Klassen for co-creation and performance of the Jenna Star song and video (Website)

Rachel Finan for donating TFC Tickets

Jeremy Maunder for donating the Samsung picture frame

RJ P. for donating Microsoft software and XBox games

Brian Buckley at Garth Industrial (leaf tickets)

Jon Jon at Footwork ( for donating VIP package at Footwork

Anthony Leoni at Leoni Hair Design (gift cards and brushes)
370 Steeles Ave W, Thornhill, ON L4J 6X1

George Miller at MFS Realty Services (Leaf tickets)

Chris Kay Fraser for the donation of “Love Letters Aren’t Just For Lovers: an e-class journey into writing the letters in your heart.” Read more on the Website or on Facebook

Alex Soloviev for donating photography session (Flickr)

Darren Hall (Website) for donating pair of tickets to a SHEN (Sound-Healing-ENergy).Event featuring a Crystal Singing Bowl Performance.

Shay Benedict at 4ourty8ight for donating the vintage headband

Brynne Kennedy for donating beautiful photo artwork

Mrs. MacKenzie for providing handmade jewelry

Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East for the 2 night stay for two people

Frank Mancuso and The Guvernment ( crew for obtaining PVD passes

Jason Yee and The Guvernment ( crew for donating Family Day tickets

Oz Akgun and Vola ( for donating Trance Event VIP package

Del at TranceAddict for letting us promote these wonderful prizes and event on his forum

Mendocino (gift cards)

And finally, Duggan’s Brewery for being the hosts with the most and letting us use their wonderful space for our event and being extremely accommodating and generous.

So let's make all this worth it and get bidding on our auctions!


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