Jenna Goes to The Grammys

So this past weekend I had a great opportunity to attend The Grammys. I was able to see all of the great acts and dance to some great music. I brought Jenna with with me and she lit up my wrist the entire night (since the wristbands glow in the dark).

DWJ wristband

I wear my wristband all the time so Jenna can shine around me.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a wrist band, you can ask me next time you see me (Margaret) or email and we can arrange something. We will have some available during the garden planting too.

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One Response to Jenna Goes to The Grammys

  1. my mom bought some before the fundraiser and will be spreading them around in Tiawan and Thailand.. along with the bags she bought as gifts. I wear mine every day as it reminds me that our jenna is still with me.

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