Happy Birthday Jenna!

Today would have been Jenna’s Birthday. I always use this day to reflect and think about how knowing Jenna, even for a brief time, made my life so much better. I remember her pretty face and the light she brought into any place she came. It’s hard to believe that we lost this amazing girl over 4 years ago. Since she passed many things have changed. Lots of happy events happened (and even some scary/sad things). We completed the goal of building a memorial garden at the Markham Museum and I encourage everyone to go visit this Museum. As well, some of you finished school, got amazing jobs, moved around, got married, had new bundles of joy 🙂 and we all wish that Jenna was around for all of these. But for me, I feel that she is always with us and is shining that bright light on us.

I hope that everyone can use this day to let the happiness in and look around to see “so many beautiful things” around them.

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